Windows 10 – Should I Upgrade?

by | Sep 17, 2015 | Blog Post, Windows 7, Windows 8 | 0 comments

There are pros and cons to this upgrade, for instance Windows Media Center does not install on Windows 10. Microsoft forces the Windows updates as well as invades your privacy by default. I found no major fall back.  Microsoft does give 30 days to roll back if not satisfies with your Windows 10 upgrade. Windows 8 users will most likely love the upgrade. After all, the start button returns, in fact the entire start area feature set has improved (thank you Microsoft). Personally I like the Windows 10 🙂


Recommendations Before Upgrading

  1. Get a backup – If you haven’t created those system restore disk, now is a good time. In addition, do create a full system state backup as well. This is for the just in case.
  2. Rid your PC of virus’ and malware
  3. Consider any older programs running for compatibility. I’ve upgraded several systems both personal and in business and haven’t had any compatibility issues, not to say it won’t happen.
  4. If your system is running well, it’s time to upgrade.
  5. Pay attention to the privacy setting, which can be changed later under setting.

Should I upgrade?  It’s up to you, some absolutely hate change, some folks embrace changes.   If you do, take precautions and always keep a backup.

Sherri McBride
Sherri McBride Certified Network Technician

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