Recently I encountered the unidentified network issue and once again I began troubleshooting the problem.  There are always unique variables to each system and its environment.  Personally, I take a few minutes to familiarize myself with the setup.  Ask questions such as how many workstations, how many switches and routers present and ask to take a look at any network documents.  Sometimes the solution is as simple as finding a patch cable with a kink, twisted, or caught under office furniture.

Reboot Router & Modem

First the magic reboot, power off your router & modem; if you have any switches between your system and the main router, power off those as well.  Wait 1 minute the power on the modem – allow full boot, making sure DSL & Internet light is on.  Then power on the switches.  Reboot System at this point.  If network cannot be identified go to next step.

Check Network Adapter Setting

Go to Start type cmd press enter, at the command prompt type ipconfig /all. Are you getting an IP address? If a loop back address is present beginning with 169, then you are not reaching the router.  If a valid IP exist then verify the gateway is set correctly. The gateway should be your router’s IP address.

Then while at the command prompt try to ping the gateway. Type:   ping (gateway IP address) press enter. If it sends back a reply then you are reaching the gateway.  If not, keep troubleshooting.

Go to the Network and Sharing Center via the control panel. Go to change adapter settings located on the left side of page.



















Right click your local area network / properties /














Internet protocol IP4 (select) / properties


If you have static IP address, try changing it.  Next, using the command prompt attempt to ping the gateway IP address.  If no reply – plug the network cable directly into the router by-passing any switch.

Update Network Interface Card Drivers

Via the device manager, uninstall the NIC.  Reboot, and then install the latest driver for the NIC. It’s best to download the driver via the PC manufacture or the NIC manufacture.

Disable Firewall

Disable any firewall present.  Check your Antivirus software.

 Reset TCP/IP Stack

Microsoft has an easy Fixit solution.


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