Malware / Ransomware – What To Do

I’ll show you how to defeat malware and ransomware by installing Malwarebytes plus you’ll discover 4 other ways to further protect your personal data from disaster.

Malware and it’s deadly running mate Ransomware are not joke. It can take your system down to the point of losing all your precious files. That’s why I want to see you protected. Installing a good Antivirus program is a great start. Unfortunately we’re seeing that it’s not enough. Even though they claim to protect against malware, I’m seeing those “good” programs fail.

Many of you have heard of Malwarebytes. The program that protects against malware and ransomware. Don’t get me wrong, there are no absolute guarantees with any program. Mainly due to the gap of time between the finding of a new threat and delivering a solution to that threat.  Malwarebytes is a company who strides to be the first to come up with the antidote to new threats.

Defeat Malware & Ransomware by Installing Malwarebytes

Watch the video & Download Malwarebytes. Even if you don’t purchase the premium edition, go ahead download and run the free edition. You can use it to clean up your system now. If you find a lot of treats then think about making the purchase.  I’ll walk you through downloading, installing, setting up, and running a scan.

Because Malwarebytes is our favorite program to use and recommend, AOCS is an affiliate for Malwarebytes. You may leave your questions below or send me an email.  I’ll be happy to help you. That what I’m here for.


Okay, you’ve learned about Malwarebytes. There are a few other ways to defend yourself against Malware and Ransomware. I want to explain because you’ve asked me, “Sherri, how does this get on my computer”. I’ll cover 4 ways today to include playing it safe on the Internet, keeping a backup, updating your Windows OS, and disabling remote desktop.

1. Internet Safety

Malware can come from any source that has malware embedded, including:

  • Unsafe or fake websites
  • Opening any emails from people you don’t know or that look odd.
  • Clicking on malicious links in emails, social media, or chat rooms such as Skype.
  • A second device that is infected
  • Malicious downloads

Internet safety simple means as a general rule don’t trust unless you absolute know. Here are three highly effective precautions:

  1. Don’t click on links on a web page or within an email unless again you know for sure. If you’re unsure DON’T click.
  2. Look for mistakes – Fake emails and webpages will try to replicate a genuine company but will have mistakes. Take Paypal for instance; many spammers send fake emails saying their from Paypal but the logo doesn’t look quite right, so a red flag.
  3. Emails from so call credit card companies – Never trust. Always go directly to your CC company for any information.

2. Backup

Having a backup means having your data in two locations. In addition to keeping your data on your PC, add one more backup. This could be a flash drive, external hard drive, or an online backup. ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP 🙂

3. Update Your Windows OS

It may sound obvious but from time to time PCs malfunction due to Windows Updates. So, we resist those updates. Thing is, updates patch security holes in the operating system. In turn makes you more secure.  The updates that cause issues are driver updates.  We’ll discuss that soon. I’ll show you how to manage the driver updates in Windows 10.

4. Disable Remote Desktop When Possible

By default Remote Assistance is enabled with in Windows. If you have malicious software that allows remote access then that door is open for hackers. Let’s keep that door closed when not needed. To do this in Windows 10, right click on This PC | Properties | Advanced System Setting | Remote tab. Uncheck the Remote Assistance | Apply and close.

Take Aways

  • Install Malwarebytes with confidence
  • Play it safe in the Internet
  • Backup data regularly
  • Allow Windows updates
  • Disable remote desktop
Sherri McBride Certified Network Technician

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