Down Time Cost Money

How long does it take  to get a system up and running following a crash of some sort?  In most cases too long.  In a world where down time means loss of incoming & outgoing resources’, it is imperative to get up and running as quick as possible.

That’s where system state backups comes into play.


  • Be logged in as an administrator
  • You can only backup the system state data on a local computer, not remotely
  • External hard drive as large as the size of your local drive

How to Create a System State Backup

Step 1.   Go to Control Panel / System and Security / Backup & Restore

Control Panel Backup and Restore




2.  The wizard begins by searching for possible backup locations; choose the location for the backup.  *Note* Be sure to have an external drive larger than the drive you are backing up.

3.  If your computer crashes, all you need in order to restore the backup is the Windows 7 disk and your restore file.  Data backup is highly crucial as an ongoing maintenance.

Bring efficiency to your workplace with Windows System State Backup.

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