Unsure how to change the size of an image with just the basic programs on your PC; if so, let me show you how to use “Paint” to resize your image in 3 easy steps.  This program comes installed on your Windows PC by default.

Changing the size of an image for email or posting on social media does not have to be a struggle.  Do keep in mind that you cannot add pixels without distorting the quality of the image.  Feel free to take away pixels, which retains the quality.


Step 1

Open “Paint” from the programs list in the Accessories directory.


Step 2 Select image

Move the mouse to the top left hand drop down arrow / select open; locate the image / open.  From the Home tap look for select.  Click the drop down arrow to / select all.








Choose the resize option located to the right of the select tool. Within the Resize and Skew window resize your image by percentage or pixels; keep the option for Maintain aspect ratio checked.  Change the horizontal to a number less than what you see.  As mentioned before, if you choose to enlarge the image you will lose quality. Choose OK to apply.  That’s it! Just save the photo.

Need help with saving? From the top left drop down arrow, choose save as (if photo select JPEG option), name the image, click save. Check out the crop tool, rotate, and other features in paint. This is a fun easy program to use.

There are online sites that allow resizing and editing as well. Check out Google or take a look at http://www.resizeyourimage.com.

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